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Apartment living has its own unique mix of advantages and difficulties, therefore we advise you to prepare for any potential difficulties in advance. Take these things into account before moving into an apartment:

To ensure you aren't competing with another incoming (or departed) resident, RESERVE THE ELEVATOR in advance: The booking window for the elevator is frequently rather small (around two hours). Save the elevator reservation for the large furniture if you can transfer any smaller objects in advance, such as a plant or a luggage. The more assistance you get while moving into a walk-up, the better. Measure big objects like sofas to be sure they can fit through the entrance and around the corners of the stairway.

If you have a STORAGE ROOM or LOCKER, make a plan for it: Nothing compares to moving into a new apartment and carelessly tossing any "extra" belongings into a locker or storage area, never to be found again. Pick up some shelves and prepare your belongings by placing them in containers (tools in the toolbox, hockey equipment in a bin, crafting supplies in another). In this way, you can easily reach anything when you need it without having to clutter up your new residence.

Make your move as planned: Don't undervalue the time, price, or effort required to move to a new apartment inside the complex. The good news is that since you'll be relocating within your building, you won't require a moving truck, which will result in significant savings. However, you could still need to engage expert movers depending on the furniture and other large items you may possess.

Ultimate guide of the change of address: Moving will result in a change of address, even if it's only a single letter or number that's different. You should inform the post office. Additionally, be sure to let people and credit card companies know about the change. Let the mailman and the new tenant of your former apartment know that you are still in the same building, but now residing in your new apartment, in case someone needs you. Send a brief email to friends and relatives to let them know your new address, or make a formal moving announcement.

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