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Top Tips for having a successful Garage sale before moving.

Even though they may seem like a lot of effort, garage sales are actually rather simple if you prepare beforehand. The secret is to get a head start on preparation so you don't find yourself rushing to set up a garage sale the day before your relocation.

Select a Perfect time for Garage sale

It all boils down to timing when it comes to garage sales. (There's a good reason why there aren't many winter garage sales!) The best season is from late spring to early fall, so try to plan your trip around this period. Regarding the day of the week, it's preferable to stick to the weekends as you'll have more success with foot traffic on days when people aren't at work. Sundays and Saturdays are both viable choices. If it's on a Saturday, you have the option of extending it to Sunday if merchandise doesn't sell as rapidly as you anticipate.

Proper Organize the stuff

Once you've chosen your day, you should consider what you're going to sell. Consider doing this as part of your decluttering process before moving. Take a box and walk through each room in your house one at a time. Consider how frequently you use each item as you sort through your belongings. It's time to throw away everything you haven't used in months or even years. There will always be some items that you'll need to throw away, but chances are strong that the majority of your possessions may be sold. Everything from used clothing and technology to furniture and souvenirs will be purchased by customers. Anything that doesn't sell may always be donated or recycled.

Learn to deal with customers

Customers will constantly try to bargain with you at yard sales. Simply anticipate it to occur. Don't get too caught up in pricing because the idea is to make it simpler for you to get rid of the stuff you don't want to move. It can be worthwhile to accept a lower price simply to get it off your hands; just think about how much of a bother it would be if you had to get rid of it yourself.

In all probability, you'll have a few items on your hands that don't sell. You may always collect everything and donate it to a nearby charity store. Dealing with all the other items you couldn't sell in the first place at this time is also an excellent idea. It can be worth looking into hiring a junk removal business to clean away everything if you have a lot of items to get rid of.

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