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What Areas in Toronto Are Best for Working Professionals?

Living in Toronto is like no other city! Toronto, Canada's corporate and financial hub, is one of the best cities for young professionals to reside in due to the abundance of career possibilities, reasonably priced housing, and exciting things to do there. Check out the finest areas to live for young professionals listed by NOVA MOVERS.

Eglinton and Yonge

Due to its friendly attitude toward fresh graduates, young professionals, and young families, Yonge and Eglinton, a popular city for young professionals, are lovingly known as "Young and Eligible." Some of Toronto's most reasonably priced condominiums and rental units are located around Yonge and Eglinton. Additionally, it is close to stores, restaurants, fashionable bars & cafés, and public transit.

Distillery District

One of the nicest neighborhoods in Toronto for young professionals to dwell is the historic Distillery District. The Distillery District changed from being a whiskey distillery to a vibrant neighborhood. There are many of places to work and reasonably priced apartments to rent in the Distillery District, but there are also lots of interesting eateries, cafés, stores, and art galleries to explore. For the holidays, our residential movers advise going to one of their well-known events like "The Fall Market" or "The Winter Village."

The Waterfront

The Distillery District, St. Lawrence, Harbourfront, and parts of King West are among the neighborhoods that make up The Waterfront. Over the past ten years or more, this sector has experienced exponential expansion, and there are no indications that this trend will soon reverse. Toronto's waterfront features a tone of options for dining, shopping, and transit to many of the adjacent business spaces of the downtown region, thanks to the convenience of having so many areas close to one another and the closeness to Union Station.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village has earned a reputation as a gathering place for young, creative workers. This section is ideal for anyone looking for a little additional inspiration to assist improve their creative process and who want to surround themselves with a like-minded collective, whether they are involved in art, marketing, authors, musicians, or something similar.

In addition, this hip neighborhood is just a quick streetcar ride from the city's center, making it the ideal place for young creatives who work in offices throughout the day.

These Toronto neighborhoods are ideal for young professionals.

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