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What is the price of renting a moving truck? DIY

If someone wishes to relocate himself, the default option is frequently to rent a moving truck. Moving trucks are reasonably priced, widely accessible, and simple to reserve.

Despite the apparent cost advantages, additional costs may push up the cost of your moving truck rental higher than you might predict.

what is price of renting a moving truck for DIY move? U-Haul truck renting cost.
what is price of renting a moving truck for DIY move.

The range of costs for hiring small trucks, medium trucks, and big trucks for movements under 100 miles is represented by our local pricing average, which is shown below.

The long-distance average, on the other hand, covers pricing for various truck sizes and represents the price range for movements that are more than 100 miles away.

Cost Local move Long-distance move

Truck rental $350 $2,080

Cost per mile $0.20–$1.29 Usually included

Car towing $130–$350 $130–$350

Truck rental deposit $0–$150 $0–150

Although renting a truck is typically the least priced choice for your relocation, it also takes the longest and requires the most work.

You may save a lot of time, reduce tension, and prevent exacerbating any aching joints by spending an extra several hundred dollars on renting a moving storage container or hiring a full-service nova movers.

But if cutting expenses is your top priority, hiring a moving truck can undoubtedly help you do so.

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